All you need is a landline telephone, and a quiet place from where to do your Phone psychic readings. And we are quite flexible regarding the hours we require. Either part time or full time. You can work ten hours a week. Or 50 hours, if  your circumstances allow it. Its upto you.

     We are a small private group of Irish Psychics who believe in quality over quantity.  Many of us live in Ireland. Others live live in the UK, the US, France and in Australia. But where you live is not important, as its the quality of your readings that matters most.

     If you have authentic psychic abilities and some experience in reading the Tarot cards, we would love to hear from you. We always have phone psychic jobs available for suitably talented people.

And We Will Reward You Well

     By company cheque or credit transfer to your bank.  On the button, every 2 weeks, with the best paying rates you will see anywhere

Tell us a little about yourself, and email the form. We'll contact you in a very short time

Remember, You Can Work from Anywhere in the World!

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Phone Psychic Jobs

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Ancient Arcana Phone Psychics, Drummin East, Delgany, County of Wicklow, Ireland
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