While there are many things that made me choose AskNow as my number one psychic network of choice, a certain amount of psychic intuition was also involved in the decision.

     l had heard about Asknow from a friend of mine about three months ago, saying how great the psychic readers were, and telling me about some amazingly revealing information she had gotten in the readings. Whilst l didn't doubt her sincerity in the slightest, l never really got around to checking out her claims, as l was quite busy in doing research on other psychic networks at the time.

     However, l finally got around to it one day, and say what you will about psychic intuition, but as soon as l visited asknow.com, l knew instantly that the psychics there would be as my friend had described.

     Sometimes you just know these things. It's what makes a good psychic propethic. It's just a feeling you get about a person or a place. Or a website. And l immediately got that feeling with AskNow.

     Perhaps it was the graphics on their site. Or the faces of the psychics l looked at. Or their commitment to providing a quality customer service. Who knows, but l immediately knew l was going to be having quite a few readings with the psychics of AskNow

     So over a period of about 3-4 months, l had many many readings with all sorts of different psychics there. Plus, l signed up for their newsletter and free daily Horoscope, as not only am l an avid horoscope junkie, but l wanted to test the quality of their other services too.

     While l had been expecting to get some great psychic readings, based on what my friend had told me, l was not prepared for the overall quality of many of the readings l received. In virtually every case, AskNow exceeded my expectations.

     Dates. Times. Locations. Even colors! All of these were so uncannily accurate. And l don't say that lightly, as l have gotten many many psychic readings elsewhere, but nowhere else have l seen such consistency in accuracy, as l have with AskNow.

     As a matter of fact, with one AskNow Psychic in particular, it was a little scary at times. l had been going thru a particularly messy separation, and what l was being told was not something l wanted to hear. Even though l knew what they were telling me was true. And so very revealing too.

     Types of Services

     AskNow connects its registered users with psychics specializing in areas such as:

      Tarot , Love and Romance, Money and Finance, Career and 
    Goals, Numerology, i-Ching, Dream Analysis, Pet Psychics
    ... and more.

     Registered users can get psychic readings via one-on-one online chat, a callback, a toll free number. In addition to that, AskNow also provides horoscopes for registered users and non-registered users of the Website.

     l could go on and on about AskNow and about my experiences there, but the only way YOU will ever experience their service, is to have a reading yourself.

     In fact it will not cost you much money either, as you can get a
15 minute reading for only $10. This is a very small price to pay for access to what is without doubt the best phone or chat psychic reading service in the USA.

     PLUS, you can get a FREE Email Reading on any question you want, just by filling in the details to the right of this sentence. l have availed of this service, and was very pleased with the result. l got a very revealing and perceptive psychic reading. Just by asking a FREE question.

My Recommended
AskNow Psychics

Psychic Tree, Psychic Lady Friend, Psychic Intuitive Amy,
Psychic Twilight 4ever, Psychic Guide Diana


     When you are actively looking for answers to pressing problems in your life, it's only natural that you want to speak to a psychic who is not only genuine, but also very intuitive and highly skilled in what they do. You want to be certain that what they tell you is the truth.

     Not some muddled story that can lead you on the wrong path. Especially so when dealing with matters of the heart which can often lead to disillusinment and disappointment.

     My experience of the AskNow psychics has been 100% positive. Not only do they exhibit some amazing psychic abilities, but their friendly and caring attitude is a joy to behold.

     l rate them as my #1 USA Psychic Network, and cannot recommend them highly enough.

     Hollywood psychics is a site l liked from the start. It has not been around for very long, but has managed to expand quite a bit in that short time.

     Over a long period, l and others, had a number of psychic readings with many of their top rated psychics. Like other Psychic networks, Hollywood Psychics rates its psychics according to their talents, abilities and presumably good ratings from past customers

     As l have said before, anyone can say what they like about someone else, but it is only by having a reading yourself, that you can really be the judge.

     While not as big as AskNow or Psychic Source, it does have quite a few psychics working there. l counted 170, which is more than enough to choose from.

     Like other Networks, they specialise in many different areas, such as Relationships and Sex, Family and Friends, Work & Money, Horoscopes & Entertainment and also Mind, Body, Spirit.

         Many of the psychics at Hollywood psychics are extremely good. In fact, l was plesantly suprised just how good some of them were. While we didn't test every psychic at Hollywood Psychics, l found that, generally speaking, they had more good readers than not so good. Certainly, on a par with Psychic Source, which l ranked #2.

     They have 3 introductory offers:
     5 Minutes for $5, 10 Minutes for $10 or 20 Minutes for $20 

     These are very generous offers, and while you might not get a very good reading in only 5 minutes, for $10 or $20, you could have a reasonable reading with a very good psychic.

     Not quite as good as AskNow, where you get a15 minute reading for only $10. And with a psychic that is rated #1 too. However, that is the opinion of us. You might experience different.

     As l have said before, a lot of these things are relative, and how you interact with any individual psychic.

     But from my experience of AskNow, Psychic Source and Hollywood Psychics, l got the most reliable information in my readings from the AskNow psychics. Solid predictions that came to pass, often in an uncanny way.

     l have rated Hollywood Psychics in the TOP 3, as l think they surpass many others offering the same services. Definitely recommend.

      Whilst l feel AskNow is ahead of all others in terms of psychic abilities, there are two other psychic Networks that we felt merited special mention. One of these is Psychic Source and the other is Hollywood Psychics.

     Psychic Source employs over 300 Psychic Readers, and it would be unfair to say all are not on a par with AskNow. Many of the psychics at Psychic Source are extremely good at what they do. Sometimes its just down to personal preference, and how you interact with any one psychic.

     Like all reputable psychic networks, Psychic Source makes claim to a rigorous screening procedure for all potential psychic employees. Whilst l have no doubt that this is the case, l am always slightly skeptical regarding claims of psychic abilities. In fact, on my own Psychic network, l have tested many psychics who claimed to be exceptional, but in practice left a lot to be desired. It's only by having a reading yourself can you honestly judge the authenticity of any psychic reader. By their reading style and how they interact with you. But most importantly, by what they tell you and what they predict.

     Over a six month period we had many many psychic readings with different psychics at Psychic Source. Some of these readings were extremely accurate and enjoyable, and some were mediocre. But overall, the majority were extremely good, if not quite at the level of AskNow.

     Psychic Source are an extremely professional company, having been in existence for over twenty years. The fact that they have continued to grow year on year, is testament to the quality of the readers they employ, and the many thousands of people who use their service on a daily basis.

     The services on offer at Psychic Source are similar to other quality Networks. Psychic readings are offered by phone or by chat. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages, and its really a matter of personal preference as to how you wish to communicate with their psychics.

     They offer a special introductory deal whereby you can get a reading upto 30 minutes for just $30, and while not as generous as AskNow, it is nevertheless a cheap and effective way to get a feel for the psychics at Psychic Source without spending too much money.

     You can also avail of their Free daily Horoscopes which l found to be very revealing and informative. Likewise, by signing up to their newsletter, you get regular updates about their psychics and services, plus special discounts and coupons which can save you money on future readings.


     If you are looking to contact a psychic that is accurate and reputable, then Psychic Source could be the place for you. They have more than enough psychic readers for you to choose from, covering all aspects of fortune telling such as tarot, numerology, Angel readings, psychic mediums etc., to mention just a few.

     With first class customer service and a money back guarantee of satisfaction, they could be the place to help you find the answers you seek. Definitely recommended .




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